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Initial Public Offerings & Rights Issues

One of AFG’s main strengths is in assisting companies in going public or increasing their share capital. AFG provides a comprehensive advisory and floatation service which encompasses the entire process, from the initial diagnostic exercise, to determining the company’s readiness against the business, financial, organizational, and legal requirements. AFG assists companies in developing their long-term strategy and the objective behind its floatation, to the completion of the IPO/RI approval and Share Floatation Management.

AFG’s Equity Capital Market Services include:
  1. Planning and Executing Initial Public Offerings
  2. Planning and Executing Rights Issues
ECM Services are executed over several phases which typically include the following:
Stage I: Transaction Planning Stage
Stage II: Transaction Initiation Stage
Stage III: Advisory Services
Stage IV: Preparation for CMA Submissions
Stage V: Floatation Management

Some of the tasks included in each stage are defined below:

In addition, AFG manages the critical role of coordinating among different Transaction Participants as indicated below:

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